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From Noirin Shirley <>
Subject Re: Google Summer of Code 2010 is On......
Date Sun, 31 Jan 2010 17:03:17 GMT
Thanks for the summary! I'm happy to be the admin, since I'm not
expecting ;-) Or to co-admin if someone else wants the job.

(Full disclosure: I haven't been much involved in the ASF side of GSoC
in the past, but I've worked on documentation for the webapp, and done
mentoring, as part of my 20% time at work. I'm employed by Google, but
this isn't part of my official "day job" stuff there :-) )


On Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 12:59 AM, Ross Gardler <> wrote:
> Congrats right back at you.
> There are a few main pockets of activity:
> - ramp up (applying to the program, internal publicity, collecting
> documentation, answering mentor questions) - about 2 weeks of activity
> - evaluation of proposals (the process is well defined now, takes about 4
> weeks of 4-8 hours per week, with a couple of frantic IRC sessions at the
> end of the period)
> - mid term reviews - ensuring all mentors have reviews in (not too hard now
> as the new webapp sends out mails, just a couple of hours a week for two
> weeks)
> - full term reviews - as for mid terms
> - wrap up (ensuring the ASF bill for it, possibly attending the mentor
> summit in Mountain View, thanking people etc.) just a few hours + the
> optional summit
> Ongoing there is the occasional issue with a mentor or student to deal with.
> In a bad year this can be a few hours a week, in a good year a few hours
> over the whole GSoC period.

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