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From Kathey Marsden <>
Subject Re: Need a mentor to guide me contribute to hadoop
Date Wed, 06 Jan 2010 18:28:12 GMT
Ravi wrote:
> Hi Ross,
> I have been using Hadoop for 6 months. I have a Hadoop cluster on 4 nodes.
> Till now I concentrated mainly on developing new map-reduce algorithms. I
> have been reading the Hadoop code also. Since I have used Hadoop for
> implementing my algos, I feel that I should contribute back to Hadoop 
I am not sure which  of these projects were implemented already but you 
may find some ideas at:  For Derby we have a 
newcomer checkbox in Jira to hightlight  issues appropriate for 
newcomers.  I am not sure if Hadoop has something similar.     I think 
you should ask on the Hadoop list for ideas and also see if you can get 
a mentor to volunteer.   One incentive for mentors might be to let the 
list know that you are willing to help out with some project that they 
are working on anyway if there are appropriate subtasks that you can 
help out with.

I have someone else looking for a mentor on Geronimo. I think he found 
help there, but noone who wanted to get involved in the formal mentoring 
program, so he is keeping it informal. I am not sure the general feeling 
about it in the Hadoop community.  



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