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From Nick Burch <>
Subject "Nearby People" (Local Mentors & Local Speakers) web app
Date Sat, 26 Dec 2009 17:54:27 GMT
Hi All

In Oakland, I knocked up a quick web application to help with two proposed 
areas of effort - Local Mentors and Local Speakers.

On one side, there's a web application that people can use to find either 
a local mentor (eg someone to go to the pub with who won't know about your 
project, but will know about apache in general + any local/language things 
to be aware of with involvement in apache), or someone local who's 
willingg to talk about the ASF. Behind the scenes, ASFers just need to pop 
the appropriate doap:Project tags in their foaf files, and it shows them.

The code for this is now in our svn (it was elsewhere before, as it was 
written before the pmc was set up...). My plan is to have a chat with 
Infra about hosting the dynamic bits under the main website (probably via 
a proxy to another box), and put all the static bits (eg welcome 
information, how to list yourself etc) under the main site itself. Does 
that sound sensible to everyone?

If you're interested in having a play, it's a Django (python) web app. 
Just check it out [1], plus the committers foaf files [2] and our sub 
project doap files [3]. Copy to and tell it where the checkouts are. Finally, do 
./ runserver and then http://localhost:8000/ will be it.

I intend to style the dynamic pages to look like the main site before 
go-live, but anyone with 20 minutes to spare who's a dab hand with css is 
most welcome to beat me to it! :)

Otherwise, I'll also aim to get some information on the local mentor 
program from my barcamp notes in confluence site, so we've got something 
as a starting point.



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