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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: MentoringProgramming confluence page
Date Tue, 08 Dec 2009 14:26:56 GMT
2009/12/8 Benson Margulies <>:
> I just submitted my first set of edits here. I adopted a fairly
> high-handed attitude of rewriting to improve clarity -- according to
> my ideas of clarity. If you all find it to be a train wreck just roll
> it back and tell me what you don't like, and I'll try again.

Thank you. "High handed" is good at this stage. I'll review your changes soon.

> I did have some questions that came up where I'm not sure what was
> intended, either in document structure or in program(me) structure.
> Question 0: Program or Programme? I made it consistently Programme,
> though I wonder about using the British form in this one place in the
> entire ASF.

I'm British, it would be nice to have something that's spelled right ;-)

(honestly I don't have an opinion on this one).

> Question 1: "How does the Mentor Programme work?" is an 'h1' with only
> a single 'h2' under it. Also, much of the content above it is, in
> fact, a quick summary of how the program works, and the 'Draft: the
> ASF Mentoring Programme' below it is the detailed description. Should
> this h1 be eliminated and the content below it all be promoted?


> Question 2: I am confused about the intended bootstrapping process. A
> would-be contributor shows up. To get started, that person needs to
> design a proposed project. That design process requires a mentor
> interaction. If the person already has a particular ASF project in
> mind, he or she could ask one of the identified mentors from that
> project for assistance. If the person does not have a particular ASF
> project in mind, then what?

We will help them find their way? In reality we'd work with them to
find a suitable project to work on and hand hold them in their first
steps into that community. I see it as arranging to meet a shy friend
at the door to the party so they don't have to go in alone.

> It seemed to me that there has to be some initial engagement between
> some generic mentor from the programme to help the new person navigate
> to the point of making contact with a specific project community. If
> that's the intention, I can write it to state that more clearly.

I think tat's what I have in mind, so clarity there would be good.

> Question 3: I don't understand the intention of "The mentee is
> expected to document guidance provided by the mentee within the
> appropriate documentation." What documentation would that be?

Not sure (I'm reading out of context), but I think this is saying the
mentee has to help us write documentation for those who come later.
That is they help us write the mentor/mentee docs.

> Question 4: Not all projects like incremental submissions. Some prefer
> proposed changes to mature for in a patch until complete. (e.g.
> Lucene).

OK, we need to accommodate that then.

> Question 5: The word 'project' is a big ambiguity problem. The entire
> ASF is organized as projects. So it is very hard to write this up to
> as to keep straight mentee projects and ASF projects without a lot of
> verbiage. If someone had another idea for what to call the mentee
> activities (activity? task? quest?) it would help.

Yes, this has come up in GSoC and in conversation with a prospective
mentee over on the Wookie list. Activity and task is probably too fine
grained. Quest kind of works because it's a well known training
technique in the academic sector, is it so well known outside of that
sector? I'm afraid I have no other suggestions.

> Question 6: Should the formal education material be on it's own page?
> Long confluence pages are hard to work with.

+1, formal education part does not apply to all mentees.


Ross Gardler

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