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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Tagging issues in projects
Date Fri, 04 Dec 2009 02:11:29 GMT
I propose that we should be working with projects to encourage them to
"tag" issues in JIRA that are suitable for various types of
introductory activities. So, for example, we might have:

- mentor (indicating that this is a fairly major task for which a
mentor is available)
- entry (indicating that this is the kind of thing someone with
reasonable development skills can tackle whilst learning about the
- non-tech (indicating that this is ideal for someone without fully
developed IT skills)

I'm assuming that we can add a suitable field to JIRA to accept these
"tags" and that we could then create filters to find them. We can then
point people looking for suitable projects towards these issues.

Initially I suggest we start with the projects we are
committers/mentors on. Once we have traction we can take it to the
wider ASF.



Ross Gardler

OSS Watch - supporting open source in education and research

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