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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: How to track/rank/accept mentor proposals
Date Thu, 03 Dec 2009 23:15:41 GMT
2009/12/2 Kathey Marsden <>:
> Gert Vanthienen wrote:
>> Next to the options mentioned, another option to consider might be
>> JIRA: for tracking/ranking incoming proposals, we could just create an
>> issue per proposal and use comments on the issue (where we can set the
>> "viewable by" field for some of the comments)?
> I think this is the best short term option. I don't really think there will
> be a ranking  for acceptance as the applications will be staggered and I
> think as long as we get a mentor willing to accept the proposal, it will
> probably go through. Jira is light weight, easy to use and maintain. We can
> have a component for proposals.

+1 for JIRA to start with. we can create a workflow and custom fields.
It'll also mean the first step of being mentored is to figure out
submitting an issue.

Unless anyone objects to using JIRA I'll add a note to the application
proposal page.


Ross Gardler

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