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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject MentoringProgramming confluence page
Date Tue, 08 Dec 2009 14:18:11 GMT
I just submitted my first set of edits here. I adopted a fairly
high-handed attitude of rewriting to improve clarity -- according to
my ideas of clarity. If you all find it to be a train wreck just roll
it back and tell me what you don't like, and I'll try again.

I did have some questions that came up where I'm not sure what was
intended, either in document structure or in program(me) structure.

Question 0: Program or Programme? I made it consistently Programme,
though I wonder about using the British form in this one place in the
entire ASF.

Question 1: "How does the Mentor Programme work?" is an 'h1' with only
a single 'h2' under it. Also, much of the content above it is, in
fact, a quick summary of how the program works, and the 'Draft: the
ASF Mentoring Programme' below it is the detailed description. Should
this h1 be eliminated and the content below it all be promoted?

Question 2: I am confused about the intended bootstrapping process. A
would-be contributor shows up. To get started, that person needs to
design a proposed project. That design process requires a mentor
interaction. If the person already has a particular ASF project in
mind, he or she could ask one of the identified mentors from that
project for assistance. If the person does not have a particular ASF
project in mind, then what?

It seemed to me that there has to be some initial engagement between
some generic mentor from the programme to help the new person navigate
to the point of making contact with a specific project community. If
that's the intention, I can write it to state that more clearly.

Question 3: I don't understand the intention of "The mentee is
expected to document guidance provided by the mentee within the
appropriate documentation." What documentation would that be?

Question 4: Not all projects like incremental submissions. Some prefer
proposed changes to mature for in a patch until complete. (e.g.

Question 5: The word 'project' is a big ambiguity problem. The entire
ASF is organized as projects. So it is very hard to write this up to
as to keep straight mentee projects and ASF projects without a lot of
verbiage. If someone had another idea for what to call the mentee
activities (activity? task? quest?) it would help.

Question 6: Should the formal education material be on it's own page?
Long confluence pages are hard to work with.

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