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From Jayaram Subramanian <>
Subject Re: Apache mentoring program
Date Mon, 07 Dec 2009 00:33:40 GMT
Thanks for the opportunity given to me  for submitting my proposal. Also as
explained below i have subscribed myself to apache dev group.  Please find
the attached proposal text file.

With Regards

On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 9:18 AM, Ross Gardler <>wrote:

> 2009/12/1 Jayaram Subramanian <>:
>  > Hi,
> > I am an IT professional trying to build my career in Java and i want to
> be a
> > mentee under Katherine Marsden in Apache mentoring program. Please let me
> > know of any other things required.
> Welcome Jayraram,
> I'm assuming that you are the person that Kathey had already mentioned
> to us and therefore Kathey has already agreed to be your mentor.
> The first thing you need to do is subscribe to this list, I moderated
> this message through and ensured your email remains in the to field,
> but it will be much easier for us if you subscribe by sending an email
> to
> As Kathey will have already explained we are at a very early stage of
> development for this project, although we have a great deal of
> experience mentoring through the Google Summer of Code programme. Our
> mentoring programme will be informed by that programme, but as our
> first mentee you have the honour of working with us whilst we define
> the process. In other words, your feedback on the process during and
> after completion will be very valuable to us.
> I've written an initial outline for the writing of a proposal on our
> webiste. It should sync to the site within the hour, but for now the
> text is pasted below. From this text you will see that you need to
> outline your project and submit it to this list (after having agreed
> it with your mentor on the appropriate project list).
> h1. Mentoring Programme Application Procedure
> Applying for the Apache Mentoring Programme is simple. This page will
> take you through the steps:
>  # Join the mailing list by sending a mail to
>  # If you know what Apache Project you want to work on send a note
> indicating your interest in that project
>   # If you don't know what project you want to work on send a note
> indicating your interests and skills and we'll try and match you to a
> suitable project
>  # Submit your project proposal (see below) to that list
>  # People on the list will help you find a mentor
>  # Liaise with the mentor to refine your proposal (this will usually
> happen on the appropriate project mailing list)
>  # Submit your final proposal and your mentors agreement to
>  # That's it, you are ready to go
> h2. Project proposal
> Your project proposal should include:
>  * Your full name
>  * Apache Project of interest
>  * Name of mentor if you have one (we will help you find one if you
> have not yet identified a mentor)
>  * Expected deliverables
>  * Expected benefits to the Apache Community as a result of your work
>  * Detailed description and high level design for your proposed solution
>  * Approximate number of hours you intend to work on the project each
> week and the number of weeks you expect it to take
>  * A description of why you want to undertake this project and what
> you hope to gain from it and the mentor programme
>  * A brief CV of your skills
> Note, we do not expect people to come to our mentor programme with a
> full armoury of skills. This programme is designed to help people
> engage with Apache projects. However, we do expect people to have
> sufficient technical skills to understand the guidance that the mentor
> and project community will provide. We are not here to teach basic
> programming skills, rather we are here to teach the application of
> those skills to an Apache Project.
> h3. Identifying a project
> We hope to provide a list of suitable projects here in the future. For
> now it is up to you to find suitable projects. Here are a few tips on
> how to do this:
>  * Use the issue tracker for the project to find bugs or feature
> requests that look like they are appropriate to your skills (with some
> guidance from the mentor)
>  * Ask on the relevant project list for guidance, mentioning that you
> hope to participate in the mentoring programme
>  * Make a proposal based on your own needs and objectives (note that
> the mentor must agree that there is a need for this within the Apache
> Project)
>  * Monitor the project developer and mailing lists for common feature
> requests
> Ross
> >
> > With Regards
> > Jayaram
> >
> --
> Ross Gardler
> OSS Watch - supporting open source in education and research

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