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From Isabel Drost <>
Subject Re: welcome to four new PMC members
Date Fri, 11 Dec 2009 14:29:13 GMT
On Tue Ross Gardler <> wrote:

> I'll action the necessary "paperwork" ASAP. In the meantime, welcome
> and thanks for your support.

Thanks for the warm welcome. Over at Lucene we have the tradition of
new committers introducing themselves briefly. As comdev is still very
young and I joined only recently, I'd like to start with myself,
hoping for others to maybe join in:

After studying computer science at the small university of applied
sciences Mittweida, I was working for HU Berlin in 2003. One year later
I started using nutch, back then still a project hosted on sourceforge.
At about that time I got adicted to doing open source work: I joined
Google for an internship in 2005, continued working with nutch, Lucene
and friends after that. In summer 2007 the idea of Apache Mahout, a
project focused on natural language processing, machine learning, data
mining at large scale was born. After getting people from industry,
open source and academia interested very quickly the project was
founded as a sub project of Lucene in 2008. Since my involvement in
Apache somehow happened to steadily grow bigger and bigger - no idea,
how on earth this could happen ;)

Today, I am organizing the Apache Hadoop Get Together in Berlin on a
regular basis, I got a NoSQL meetup started together with Jan Lehnardt
over at CouchDB, I try to get people interested in Mahout both by
  a) contributing to discussions on its mailing lists.
  b) contributing code
  c) talking to people about the project at various conferences,
     university groups, meetups, user groups to the extend that people
     close to me have started asking me whether there is anything
     else apart from Hadoop and Lucene I am interested in ;)

Together with a research group at TU Berlin I have started an
experimental course with the goal of working with Mahout, developing
extensions and get them back into the project. Really curious what the
final results will be. So far, I have seen at least two students on
Mahout, Hadoop and HBase mailing lists. If you want to follow us: is the project used for
organizing the course.

I am looking forward to helping lower the bar for newcomers to get into
Apache projects and learning what other Apache projects do to extend
their community and keep it healthy.


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