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Subject [43/50] incubator-commonsrdf git commit: COMMONSRDF-37 Describe Quad/Dataset
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2016 15:32:11 GMT
COMMONSRDF-37 Describe Quad/Dataset

updated UML diagram


Branch: refs/heads/jsonld-java
Commit: 25663998f086c802c76114b3bed8edb6dfdf0307
Parents: d7e4cbe
Author: Stian Soiland-Reyes <>
Authored: Wed Sep 7 03:22:54 2016 +0100
Committer: Stian Soiland-Reyes <>
Committed: Wed Sep 7 03:22:54 2016 +0100

 src/site/markdown/                      |  58 ++++++++++++++-----
 src/site/resources/images/class-diagram.nomnoml |  49 +++++++++++++---
 src/site/resources/images/class-diagram.png     | Bin 57632 -> 56161 bytes
 3 files changed, 85 insertions(+), 22 deletions(-)
diff --git a/src/site/markdown/ b/src/site/markdown/
index 4e01ed6..71b0b68 100644
--- a/src/site/markdown/
+++ b/src/site/markdown/
@@ -61,25 +61,58 @@ which may be included in Commons RDF, specifically:
 * [Graph](apidocs/index.html?org/apache/commons/rdf/api/Graph.html): a graph,
   a set of RDF triples.
 * [Triple](apidocs/index.html?org/apache/commons/rdf/api/Triple.html): a
-  `(subject, predicate, object)` RDF triple.
-* [RDFTerm](apidocs/index.html?org/apache/commons/rdf/api/RDFTerm.html): a RDF 1.1
-  Term, where IRIs, literals and blank nodes are collectively known as RDF terms.
+  RDF triple with `getSubject()`, `getPredicate()`, `getObject()`.
+* [Dataset](apidocs/index.html?org/apache/commons/rdf/api/Dataset.html): a dataset,
+  of RDF quads (or if you like, a set of named graphs).
+* [Quad](apidocs/index.html?org/apache/commons/rdf/api/Quad.html): a
+  RDF quad with with `getGraphName()`, `getSubject()`, `getPredicate()`, `getObject()`.
+* [RDFTerm](apidocs/index.html?org/apache/commons/rdf/api/RDFTerm.html): any RDF 1.1
+  Term which can be part of a Triple or Quad.
+  IRIs, literals and blank nodes are collectively known as RDF terms.
 * [IRI](apidocs/index.html?org/apache/commons/rdf/api/IRI.html): an
-  Internationalized Resource Identifier.
+  Internationalized Resource Identifier (e.g. representing  `<>`)
 * [BlankNode](apidocs/index.html?org/apache/commons/rdf/api/BlankNode.html): a
-   RDF-1.1 Blank Node, where they are disjoint from IRIs and literals.
+   RDF-1.1 Blank Node, e.g. representing `_:b1`. Disjoint from IRIs and literals.
 * [BlankNodeOrIRI](apidocs/index.html?org/apache/commons/rdf/api/BlankNodeOrIRI.html):
   this interface represents the RDF Terms that may be used in the subject position
   of an RDF 1.1 `Triple`, including `BlankNode` and `IRI`.
-* [Literal](apidocs/index.html?org/apache/commons/rdf/api/Literal.html): a RDF-1.1 literal.
-* [RDFTermFactory](apidocs/index.html?org/apache/commons/rdf/api/RDFTermFactory.html):
-  factory for creating `RDFTerm` and `Graph` instances.
+* [Literal](apidocs/index.html?org/apache/commons/rdf/api/Literal.html): a RDF-1.1 literal,
+  representing `"Hello there"@en`.
 The design of the [API](apidocs/index.html?org/apache/commons/rdf/api/package-summary.html)
 follows the terminology as defined by [RDF 1.1 Concepts and Abstract Syntax](,
 a W3C Recommendation published on 25 February 2014. The idea is that Commons RDF
-will provide a common library for RDF 1.1 that could be implemented by systems
-on the Java Virtual Machine, allowing the portability across different implementations.
+provide a common library for RDF 1.1 with multiple implementions for
+the Java Virtual Machine, allowing the portability across different
+Commons RDF implementations.
+Commons RDF is designed for compatibility between different
+[implementations](implementations.html), e.g. by defining
+strong equality and hash code semantics (e.g. for
+and [literals](fapidocs/org/apache/commons/rdf/api/Literal.html#equals-java.lang.Object-)
+this allows users of Commons RDF to "mix and match", for instance querying a `FooGraphImpl`
+and directly adding its `FooTripleImpl`s to a `BarGraphImpl` without any
+explicit convertion.
+To create such instances without hard-coding an implementation, one can use:
+* [RDFTermFactory](apidocs/index.html?org/apache/commons/rdf/api/RDFTermFactory.html):
+  factory interface for creating instances of the above types
+  (e.g. `LiteralImpl` and `GraphImpl`).
+The API also includes a couple of "upper" interfaces  which do not have
+the above equality semantics and bridge the graph/quad duality:
+* [TripleLike](apidocs/index.html?org/apache/commons/rdf/api/TripleLike.html):
+  common super-interface of `Triple` and `Quad` (also a generalised triple).
+* [QuadLike](apidocs/index.html?org/apache/commons/rdf/api/QuadLike.html):
+  a `TripleLike` that also has `getGraphName()` (a generalized quad)
+* [GraphLike](apidocs/index.html?org/apache/commons/rdf/api/GraphLike.html):
+  common super-interface of `Graph` and `Dataset`.
 See the the [user guide](userguide.html) for examples of how to interact with these interfaces.
@@ -98,9 +131,8 @@ where version `x.y.z` of `Simple` implements version `x.y` of
 the `API`; i.e., the version `z` are backwards-compatible patches of the
-External [implementations of the Commons RDF API](implementations.html) are
-being developed as part of their retrospective projects.
-[Contributions welcome!](contributing.html)
+[Implementations of the Commons RDF API](implementations.html) are
+being developed as additional modules. [Contributions welcome!](contributing.html)
 ## Contributing
diff --git a/src/site/resources/images/class-diagram.nomnoml b/src/site/resources/images/class-diagram.nomnoml
index b309423..67278bf 100644
--- a/src/site/resources/images/class-diagram.nomnoml
+++ b/src/site/resources/images/class-diagram.nomnoml
@@ -17,12 +17,43 @@
 // To render, see
 #fill: #bbccdd; #aabbcc
+#title: class-diagram
+ fill=#fff italics
+[GraphLike] -> 0..* [TripleLike]
+[Graph] -> 0..* [Triple]
+[Dataset] -> 0..* [Quad]
+[Triple] -> 3 [RDFTerm]
+[Quad]->4 [RDFTerm]
+#.factory: fill=#ccbbdd italics
diff --git a/src/site/resources/images/class-diagram.png b/src/site/resources/images/class-diagram.png
index 16b9c3b..b725b65 100644
Binary files a/src/site/resources/images/class-diagram.png and b/src/site/resources/images/class-diagram.png

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