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From Olivier Jaquemet <>
Subject Re: [imaging] Apache Commons Imaging 1.0 final release ?
Date Mon, 28 Aug 2017 12:30:12 GMT
Hi Bruno,

Thank for your feedback ! It's really nice to know there are still 
people actively using/working on the library.

To answer your help request ;
First a big disclaimer : I am not familiar with image processing in 
general, I have no knowledge of the Imaging API, and never coded with it 

That being said, just by looking at the issues in the bugtracker, all 
major bugs (specially parsing bugs leading to exceptions) would be the 
only things blocking a 1.0 release in my opinion.
If Imaging is mature and stable enough (is it from an API user 
perspective? I don't know yet), a 1.0 would be the most awaited feature 
:) (looking at the mailing list history also shows this expectation 
since quite a long time).
An official release with "just" bug fix, and *without* new major 
feature/improvement, would (probably) increase official adoption of the 
library, and would then be the base for future stronger feedback.


On 28/08/2017 13:02, Bruno P. Kinoshita wrote:
> Hello Olivier!
> You are correct, no official release yet. Yet :)
> Some days ago I spent some time working on a IIIF PoC with the Cantaloupe server, and
decided to spend time working on commons-imaging to see what could be done to get a first
release out.
> I started triaging issues, but am far away of understanding the code base or understanding
the current state of the project. I agree an initial release would be good, but I would like
some good review to understand what should go in a 1.0 release, and what should maybe be removed
or moved to a branch for a later release.
> >From the initial triage, I found that there are some metadata issues with TIFF and
JPEG that would impact the use of commons-imaging in IIIF. So I am planning to spend time
on that in the next days.
> Would you be interested or have time to help reviewing the current state of the project?
Not necessarily jump and code if you don't have time, but maybe just provide feedback on which
features you think **must** be in the 1.0 release, and if you found anything that would prevent
this initial release.
> CheersBruno
> From: Olivier Jaquemet <>To: ""
<>Sent: Monday, 28 August 2017, 9:11:08 PM NZSTSubject: [imaging]
Apache Commons Imaging 1.0 final release ?
> Hi imagers :)
> As far I could find, no official release of
> org.apache.commons/commons-imaging was ever published to maven.
> I understand that the current snapshot build is stable and that previous
> sanselan release are too.
> That said, an official build would certainly increase confidence in the
> library and lead to more adoption, don't you think ?
> Do you plan to release version 1.0 of Apache Commons Imaging ?
> Thanks,
> Olivier
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