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From "KARR, DAVID" <>
Subject [jxpath] How to add an entry to a list?
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2017 18:10:48 GMT
If a property in a bean I'm trying to manipulate with jxpath is a List, how do I set a value
in an entry of that list?

I read the info at "Modifying Object Graphs", but it's still not clear from this how I would
do this.

I've figured out how to get the list created, either with an explicit "setValue()", or with
a "createPathAndSetValue()" along with a factory and createObject() method set to look for
that property, but if I try to set a value into the list, it fails apparently because the
list is still zero size.

The only way I can hack this to work is to initialize the list property to an ArrayList with
the required number of dummy elements already added to it, so the subscript reference works.

I'm using JXPath so that I can write tests with a little less boilerplate and focus on pure
business logic.  Ideally, I'd like JXPath (or perhaps a factory) to do the "obvious stuff".

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