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From "robertlazarski ." <>
Subject Re: Can JCS have update events?
Date Sat, 08 Apr 2017 12:40:09 GMT
On Sat, Apr 8, 2017 at 7:13 AM, Thomas Vandahl <> wrote:
> Please use [jcs] as a prefix to the subject when posting to

Got it, thanks for the response.

> On 06.04.17 18:21, robertlazarski . wrote:
>> I am coding a simple local "Indexed Disk Auxiliary Cache" and
>> IsEternal=true using JCS, and I can't figure out how to have an
>> onUpdate() event. Is there update events in JCS?
> Why are you coding the cache? This should only need configuration. Why
> do you think you need update events?

Sorry I was not clear - I really meant configuring an "Indexed Disk
Auxiliary Cache" per the docs and using ICache and CacheAccess etc for
my project code implementation. Nothing out of the ordinary.

We need update events because our code already uses them - we are
replacing our current cache libs (ehcache) with another lib -
preferably JCS.

More specifically, our local cache is filled with stock prices via a
"HTTP server push" stream and on updates we need to perform some
additional calculations using events and listeners.

>> I looked at the JCS implementation of JCache events and it looks like
>> what I need, but I can't figure out how to do disk persistence with
>> JCS / JCache as I can't find any code examples.
> Did you read the docs at
> The configuration example on that page is basically all you need. See
> for a
> description of JCS' concept of auxiliaries.
> Bye, Thomas

The docs mention 4 auxiliaries: (1) memory, (2) disk, (3) lateral, and
(4) remote. I need 1 and 2 but also with update events and a listener.

If I can get an IndexedDiskAuxCache working using typical onUpdate()
events and a listener that would be ideal. Actually I not only read
the docs but also the source code.

I looked a lot at the JCS code and didn't find update events, which is
why I looked at the JCS JCache implementation. Apparently JSR-107
didn't define persistence though. I notice some other projects have a
JSR-107 "CacheStore" for disk persistence but to be clear I definitely
want to use JCS.

Saying this as humbly as possible as clearly I am not a Cache expert ,
I am an Apache Axis2 committer plus I have done several Linux related
contributions and I would be willing to submit patches if I end up
having to "scratch my own itch" . Of course though I would rather use
an API that already exists.

Kind regards,

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