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From "robertlazarski ." <>
Subject Migrating from Ehcache to JCS, need help getting the right config
Date Tue, 21 Mar 2017 14:50:35 GMT
Hello! We have a production system running Ehcache and we'd like to
use JCS instead. What I need to do with JCS is:

1) Load all Objects into memory, unlimited with infinite "time to
live". In practice over many years, its not been a problem for us.
Currently using LRU.

2) Store Objects from memory to disk on JVM shutdown, or at least
periodically flush to disk - while keeping the entire cache in memory.

3) Most importantly, on server startup we need the entire disk
persisted cache loaded into memory, i.e. "cache warming" . I am
wondering if the CacheLoaderAdapter is the right class for this?
Currently we use a class that Ehcache calls on startup that just uses
an Iterator over all the cache Elements, effectively loading
everything into memory.

I could post our Ehcache config if that'd be helpful. Anyways I am
trying to figure out the right config for these requirements,
particularly the cache warming setup. Any help appreciated.

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