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From Feiyi Xiang <>
Subject [vfs]Issue creating HttpClient timeout
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2016 19:04:48 GMT

My name is Ben and recently we met an issue that the thread got stuck during the http connection
using HttpClient. And It showed that the connection timeout was set to 0, which was not what
we set.
let me briefly show here how we are using VFS2:
Create a FileSystemOptions with timeout set:

final FileSystemOptions fso = new FileSystemOptions();
final HttpFileSystemConfigBuilder httpBuilder = HttpFileSystemConfigBuilder.getInstance();
httpBuilder.setConnectionTimeout(fso, connectionTimeout);
httpBuilder.setSoTimeout(fso, soTimeout);

Create a FileObject using FileSystemManager:

vfs2FileManager.resolveFile(fileLocation, fso);

Finally get the input stream using DefaultFileContent:

final InputStream instr = fileObject.getInputStream();

We noticed that in executeMethod() of HttpMethodDirector, line 153, it is setting the connection
timeout using client's params. However,
in HttpClientFactory, it's setting fileSystemOptions in connectionMgrParams, and the HttpClient's
params would not have this value.
So we did the following to make it work:
In package org.apache.commons.vfs2.provider.http, HttpClientFactory, added line 148 and 149:
Please let me know your thought about this and if there is a patch needed, or is there something
we are missing or doing wrong ?



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