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From Bernd Eckenfels <>
Subject Re: [vfs]Issue creating HttpClient timeout
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2016 19:50:47 GMT

I am not sure I understand how the configuration of HTTPClient with
HttpConnectionManagerParams works. Especially not what the 

* ConnectionManager set methods must be called after the host & port
* and proxy host & port are set in the HostConfiguration.

comment means. But I guess since you have problems with missing
timeouts, the way it is currently done does not work.

Can you please open a JIRA for this problem?

If you want you can also attach your patch. I hope somebody who is more
familier with Apache HttpClient can comment on it.


 Am Mon, 25 Jul 2016
12:04:48 -0700 schrieb Feiyi Xiang <>:

> Hi,
> My name is Ben and recently we met an issue that the thread got stuck
> during the http connection using HttpClient. And It showed that the
> connection timeout was set to 0, which was not what we set. let me
> briefly show here how we are using VFS2: Create a FileSystemOptions
> with timeout set:
> final FileSystemOptions fso = new FileSystemOptions();
> final HttpFileSystemConfigBuilder httpBuilder =
> HttpFileSystemConfigBuilder.getInstance();
> httpBuilder.setConnectionTimeout(fso, connectionTimeout);
> httpBuilder.setSoTimeout(fso, soTimeout);
> Create a FileObject using FileSystemManager:
> vfs2FileManager.resolveFile(fileLocation, fso);
> Finally get the input stream using DefaultFileContent:
> final InputStream instr = fileObject.getInputStream();
> We noticed that in executeMethod() of HttpMethodDirector, line 153,
> it is setting the connection timeout using client's params. However,
> in HttpClientFactory, it's setting fileSystemOptions in
> connectionMgrParams, and the HttpClient's params would not have this
> value. So we did the following to make it work: In package
> org.apache.commons.vfs2.provider.http, HttpClientFactory, added line
> 148 and 149:
> client.getParams().setConnectionManagerTimeout(connectionMgrParams.getConnectionTimeout());
> client.getParams().setSoTimeout(connectionMgrParams.getSoTimeout());
> Please let me know your thought about this and if there is a patch
> needed, or is there something we are missing or doing wrong ?
> Thanks!
> Ben
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