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From Mansour Al Akeel <>
Subject Re: [configuration] read only configuration with combined configurations
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2016 02:46:49 GMT
thank you a lot for the detailed response.
What I concluded that I need a wrapper. We need to have a repository
of configurations for a unit testing framework (think JUnit).
We have a setup method, then test cases. So here's what we need:

1- A section of the configurations (read-only), holds process wide
configurations, and loaded on start up.
2- A section for setup (read-only) config, loaded from files
3- A section for setup method (read/write), that turns becomes
read-only after the setup method exits. For example store a login
token, or similar properties.
4- A section for data provided by files for each test case. This is
read only. This is erased after each test method.
5- A section for read-write test data, that gets erased after each test method.

Immutable configurations here will complicate things for me. I think
it's better to stay with CombinedConfigurations, and write a
wrapper/proxy that will control access, and manage the repository.

Thank you a lot for your help.

On Tue, Apr 12, 2016 at 3:28 PM, Oliver Heger
<> wrote:
> Hi Mansour,
> Am 12.04.2016 um 05:39 schrieb Mansour Al Akeel:
>> Hello,
>> I am looking to create a configuration repository, with multiple part,
>> some for read-only, other for read. I found combined configuration
>> suitable for my other requirements, but I was not able to add this mix
>> of read-only and read/write configurations.
> I am not sure how exactly your configuration repository looks like and
> which API it provides.
> I would recommend the following approach: Use a CombinedConfiguration to
> manage all your configuration settings. This configuration should be
> treated as immutable, e.g. convert it using
> ConfigurationUtils.unmodifiableConfiguration() when exposing it to
> clients. Although CombinedConfiguration has methods for updating
> properties, these capabilities are limited (see [1]).
> Your repository component should offer means for querying or updating
> the configurations that can be modified. When adding configurations to
> the combined configuration you can specify names under which these child
> configurations can be accessed; you can use this mechanism to obtain
> references to specific child configurations that can then be updated.
> When a child configuration is manipulated, the combined configuration is
> automatically updated accordingly.
> Would this work for you?
> Oliver
> [1]
>> Any hint ?
>> Thank you.
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