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From Rainer Hirschmiller <>
Subject [configuration]
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2016 21:52:49 GMT

I'm trying configurations2 and PropertiesConfiguration. I have created a 
helper class doing some error handling and configuration for 
ProperiesConfiguration. Especially I load properties from different 
property files. I want to do this to define basic configurations in one 
file and be able to override these configurations in a second file which 
will be loaded later.

Getting the property of such a double defined key which public <T> T 
get(final Class<T> cls, final String key) I got the first defined value. 
OK, I've overriden the method to get the last defined value.

But I want to know why the behaviour is at it is. Is there a special 
reason? I think returning the last defined value would be preferred by 
other users allthough. What's do other users think about this behaviour?


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