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From "R.C. Hoekstra" <>
Subject scxml: nested custom actions
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2016 21:03:39 GMT
Hi Ate, Woonsan, 

Is there a way to access nested child actions from a parent custom action in scxml? 

In version scxml-2.0-M1 I could do this in the onexecute of a custom action: 

for (Action action : getParent().getActions()) {
       if (action instanceof MyChildAction) {
              // do things with child action

In M1 the Executable.getActions() would list all actions, also the nested child actions contained
in a parent action.  In the most recent code the Executable.getActions() only lists the parent
action, NOT it's children. 

I want to do something like this: 

                    <ntd:childAction ... />
                    <ntd:childAction .../>

So how to access the childActions from the parentAction's onExecute? 

thanks in advance, 


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