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From Norbert Kiesel <>
Subject Re: [configuration] 1.10 regression / backwards-incompatible change in MapConfiguration.convertPropertiesToMap ?
Date Wed, 13 Jan 2016 07:16:59 GMT
Hi Oliver,

> Hi Norbert,
> Am 11.01.2016 um 23:37 schrieb Norbert Kiesel:
> > Attached is a patch with an extended unit test (which the patched code passes, but
the current 1.10 fails).
> >
> > Just using the 2.0 code does not work, because
> >  - the 1.10 API uses Map<String, Object> and not Map<String, String>
> >  - the 1.10 MapConfiguration(Properties props) constructor mandates that the implementation
has to ignore property keys which are not strings.
> >
> The goal should be that the 2.0 code satisfies all requirements. If this
> is not the case, we should adapt it. It seems that there have been
> slight API changes in the constructors of MapConfiguration in the 1.10
> release which have not been merged back to the main branch. This should
> be aligned.

The last 3 implementations differ significantly:
 - 1.9 copies Properties entries with String keys into a new map (similar to my
 - 1.10 creates an immutable map backed by the Properties object (limited to
   elements with String key)
 - 2.0 simply adopts the Properties object (and says in constructor description
   that it expects all keys to be strings)

The problem with 1.10 is that this breaks it's public API (e.g. setProperty and
clearProperty inherited from AbstractConfiguration), while claiming to be binary
compatible with 1.9.

> > So instead the patch simply creates a new HashMap from the Properties entries with
String keys.
> >
> > However, this makes TestSystemConfigurationRegression fail now.  I understand why,
but I don't understand why this is a valid test case.
> >
> > TestSystemConfigurationRegression assumes that a SystemConfiguration instances changes
when a System property is added.  The old code did that, and the patched code does not.  However,
MapConfiguration(Properties props) javadoc for 1.10 clearly states: "The resulting configuration
is not connected to the Properties object".  So why is this a valid test case?
> There have been multiple iterations with SystemConfiguration regarding
> life-access to the underlying system properties. I think, most
> developers expect that this configuration is just a thin wrapper over
> System.getProperties(). Hence, updates of system properties should be
> immediately reflected by the configuration. The fact that
> SystemConfiguration extends MapConfiguration is merely an implementation
> detail; this does not mean that it only represents a snapshot of system
> properties at creation time.

The way out for a potential 1.11 would be to override more of the the
AbstractMap API to make that a mutable map backed by the Properties object.  Do
you want me to provide a patch along these lines?
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