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From Siegfried Göschl <>
Subject Re: [exec] Stream closed issues with Java 8
Date Thu, 28 Jan 2016 20:57:21 GMT
Hi Chris,

IMHO even the weird edge case should work :-)

I'm currently working on various bugfixes for commons-exec but I have limited OSS cycles 

Assuming that this is a production problem do you mind testing a bleeding-edge version?! I
would drop you a quick note when a few more problems are fixed - at the moment my fork living
at GitHub is, well, shaky

Thanks in advance

Siegfried Goeschl

----- Urspr√ľngliche Mail -----
Von: "Chris Price" <>
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 27. Januar 2016 23:53:57
Betreff: [exec] Stream closed issues with Java 8


Have others experienced seeming regressions w/rt Streams using commons-exec
in Java 8?

In particular, I'm running into an issue where if I use commons exec to
call a process that doesn't consume its STDIN, but I have passed a stream
to it as its input via the StreamHandler, it fails with an IOException that
says "Stream closed".  The same program works fine under Java 7.

I've filed an issue on the bug tracker here:

And it seems that maybe at least one other person has had somewhat similar
issues with STDIN and Java 8:

But I'm trying to sort out whether these are weird edge cases or whether
there are simply known incompatibilities between Java 8 and commons-exec.
If the latter, is there a different library that is recommended for
handling interaction with external processes in Java 8?

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