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Subject Re: VFS - JSCH - Preferred Authentication - gssapi-with-mic
Date Thu, 10 Dec 2015 14:05:55 GMT
Hm, I would not like to change the default jsch settings (if default filesystem options are
specified) if not needed. Can you maybe ask this question the jsch folks whats the reason
for that default and why it is not sensitive to user/password settings.


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From: Derek Visch <>
Sent: Do., 10 Dez. 2015 14:30
Subject: VFS - JSCH - Preferred Authentication - gssapi-with-mic

We updated to jre8 from jre6 a while back, and had an issue with the
Kerberos Login and Kerberos Password prompt, basically we're providing the
password for an SFTP site, but we get a Kerberos Login prompt which causes
the program to wait for user input (Hitting enter manually twice allows the
program to run properly)

We are using commons-vfs2-2.0 and jsch .1.53

After some digging I found

But I didn't find anything that talked about VFS2 at all so I thought I'd
at least post this here to help the next poor person who runs into this
problem, and also ask if this has already been fixed, or if maybe I"m just
doing something wrong.

Note that the default preferred authentication options for JSCH are

local = VFS.getManager().toFileObject(new File(args.local_file))
FileSystemOptions opts = new FileSystemOptions();
"publickey,keyboard-interactive,password"); //Needed this in order to fix a
Kerberos Login / Password issue with the upgrade from jre6 to jre8
remote = VFS.getManager().resolveFile(buildFtpUrl(args), opts);

The code above works, what we had before was
local = VFS.getManager().toFileObject(new File(args.local_file))
remote = VFS.getManager().resolveFile(buildFtpUrl(args),  new

Is there something else I could do here to not have to override the default
authentication options, I'd think that if we provided a username and
password we would skip the Kerberos authentication piece.

 - Derek

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