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From "Daniel H. Peger" <>
Subject [daemon] Howto setup a Daemon implementation as windows service
Date Tue, 21 Jul 2015 15:07:02 GMT

I didn't find any really good example (actually I did not find a single example) on how to
register a class that implements the org.apache.commons.daemon.Daemon interface as Windows

Do I have to register this implementation using procrun? But than there doesn't seem to be
a point in implementing the interface as procrun can register any program as windows service.

Furthermore there seems to be a docu-bug on the procrun page (

The description of the --StartMethod parameter states:
> Note: in jvm mode, the start method should not return until the stop method has been

But further down the page in the "Using Procrun in jvm mode" section:
> Note that the method handling service start should create and start a separate thread
to carry out the processing, and then return. The start and stop methods are called from different

Am I reading this wrong or is this a little conflicting?? And what would be the correct behavior
of a static start(String[] args) method?

Best regards

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