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From "tech" <>
Subject [jsvc] in centos6.4 "Cannot find any VM in Java Home" & "Cannot locate JVM library file"
Date Tue, 23 Jun 2015 01:31:52 GMT
Hello everyone!I am a beginner. I got a centos6.4 64bit(on VPS) and now i set a tomcat8.0.23
in it.
open jdk 1.7x64 was installed and i compiled the jsvc from the source code in commons-daemon-native.tar.gz.
runup the tomcat with,, are all proper functioning.
but the daemon with jsvc was in faulting so that i can't make it auto running when os start.

i add those 2 lines into
# chkconfig: - 85 15
# description: tomcat8( nike name catalina ).

then i install it with the chkconfig, it seems like fine.

unexpectable, at os started, the tomcat8 does not running.
and there are the logs( in catalina-daemon.out ):
Cannot find any VM in Java Home /usr       // i found this line in source code at java.c:78
Cannot locate JVM library file                      // java.c:158
Service exit with a return value of 1

BUT, the tomcat works if i run "sh start" manually.
in addition, i have faith in that the $JAVA_HOME,$JRE_HOME,$TOMCAT_HOME,$TOMCAT_BASE was correctly
i considered the reasons is that the jsvc got incorrect args. but i have no methods and energy
to research it.
are there any one help me ?

and there are the other one problem:
i have to place a copy of jsvc in /etc/bin, else i got a err log:"/etc/bin/jsvc: No such file
or directory".
i was trouble and wonder the reason. my sys has not even got the "/etc/bin" at all.
it make me unpleasant. did you( developers ) write "/etc/bin" in code ?

thank you very much.
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