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From Remi Malessa <>
Subject Re: [imaging] Images gain size.
Date Mon, 27 Apr 2015 14:25:37 GMT
Thanks for the code Thad, I'll give it a whirl !


On 27/04/15 14:52, Thad Humphries wrote:
> I recently had the requirement for a process that would read TIFF Group IV
> images, 'stamp' them with a string, and save the images. Below is some code
> I wrote as part of playing with options. The code barely changes the size
> of the image. In fact, most of the size difference was from adding a
> software tag. I've copied my code below. This will run headless if you need
> it to run on a server without access to a display. Maybe it will be of use.
> (NOTE: XPath does not always work on a metadata Node tree. I've been told
> that IIOMetadata's getAsTree() does not return a true W3C Node, so XPath
> will not work in all cases. However I've found that it does work on the
> Group IV's that I deal with.)

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