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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [DBCP] Apparent deadlock related to getConnection
Date Sun, 12 Apr 2015 18:43:07 GMT
On 4/12/15 10:31 AM, Shawn Heisey wrote:
> On 4/12/2015 9:16 AM, Phil Steitz wrote:
>> Can you post your full pool config and info on versions of DBCP and
>> POOL?
>> Do you call isClosed() before closing a connection (not recommended
>> - that is really the issue in the ticket you commented)?
>> To make sure there is not an actual deadlock somewhere, you should
>> examine a full thread dump.  The thread you posted in the ticket is
>> waiting on the pool, not holding any DBCP or POOL related locks; but
>> it does hold this application lock:
>> at com.REDACTED.idxbuild.solr.Chain.doReinsert(
>>         - locked <0x00000000db0011c8> (a java.lang.Object)
>> Make sure no other threads in process of doing things that will
>> return connections to the pool aren't waiting on this lock.
>> Given that you are using DBCP 2.1, if you have access to a JMX
>> console it would also be good to look at what is happening in the
>> pool when your application hangs.  In particular, numActive, numIdle
>> and listAllObjects would be good to look at.  Looks like you are
>> using PoolingDataSource directly, so you need to look at the
>> underlying GenericObject's JMX properties.
> My code does not contain the string "isClosed" at all.
> I thought I had saved the full thread dump, but the stdout logfile was
> wiped when I restarted the program, and I didn't think to save a copy.
> I will be sure to save it next time there's a problem.

Full thread dump will be helpful.
> Here is the entire java file for my "Database" class, edited to redact
> the company top-level domain:

Several methods, getSingleObject, getResultSet, closeResultSet,
doUpdate can abandon connections on exception paths.  You should
insert finally blocks in these methods to ensure that connections
are closed. 

Have a look at the PoolingDataSource example referenced [1] on the
DBCP web page for a model to use with try-catch-finally.   Not
closing connections on exception paths will cause leaks if
exceptions are thrown.  If you are seeing BuildExceptions generated
by this code, each of them is leaking a connection.
> The object that I am locking on (0x00000000db0011c8) is a global lock
> for my whole program which I synchronize on for a handful of
> normally-short-lived db-related operations just to be sure that they
> aren't happening simultaneously, and to help make sure that the outcome
> of certain operations is visible across threads.  I'm reasonably sure
> that there are no operations in those synchronization blocks that are
> expected to be slow, though I haven't verified that to 100% certainty.

They don't have to be slow to deadlock, if you hit the right timing
and the following kind of scenario:

Thread 1 grab the lock and hold it while waiting to get a connection
(what the thread you showed in the ticket is doing)
Threads 2, ..., n try to get the lock before returning connections
they hold

Key is to get a full thread dump and see which threads are waiting
on / holding which locks.


> One of the operations handled in that kind of synchronization lock is
> the optimization of certain DB tables, which only happens if the size of
> those tables is below a certain threshold -- part of making sure that
> the operation completes quickly and doesn't deadlock the program.
> Here are all the jar files in my program's lib directory.  My program
> uses javamail, jrobin, dbcp, and solrj:
> commons-dbcp2-2.1.jar
> commons-io-2.4.jar
> commons-pool2-2.3.jar
> httpclient-4.4.1.jar
> httpcore-4.4.1.jar
> httpmime-4.4.1.jar
> javax.mail.jar
> jcl-over-slf4j-1.7.12.jar
> jrobin-1.5.14.jar
> jul-to-slf4j-1.7.12.jar
> log4j-1.2.17.jar
> mysql-connector-java-5.1.35-bin.jar
> noggit-0.7.jar
> slf4j-api-1.7.12.jar
> slf4j-log4j12-1.7.12.jar
> solr-solrj-5.0.0.jar
> stax2-api-3.1.1.jar
> woodstox-core-asl-4.2.0.jar
> zookeeper-3.4.6.jar
> I do not have remote JMX enabled for this application, and the server
> where it runs does not have a gui.  I will add some code that spits out
> the three requested pool stats every time the watchdog thread detects a
> problem.  I cannot predict when there will be a problem ... this code
> can run for weeks with nothing going wrong, or the deadlock might happen
> only a few minutes after startup.

> Thanks,
> Shawn
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