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From Ate Douma <>
Subject [SCXML] heads-up: Major SCXML 2.0 trunk refactoring incoming - breaking changes and intermediate instability to be expected!
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2014 00:35:06 GMT
Hi SCXML developers and users,

This is a heads-up for everyone using the current SCXML 2.0 trunk for their 

Please checkout issue which I 
just created, which will requires some extensive refactoring and *breaking* 
changes to the current datamodel and xpath based expressions handling.

And this includes SCXML documents using the supported non-xpath languages like 
Jexl, Ecmascript and Groovy!

These changes are needed to 'fix' the current incomplete and incorrect datamodel 
handling and in particular the usage of the custom Data() function and the 
<assign> action.

This issue, and the related subtasks, will take some time to process and 
complete, and in the mean time the current SCXML 2.0 trunk might become 
intermediately instable.

So please be warned and probably best do NOT update to the incoming changes 
until the dust has settled...
Unless you'd like to hand me some help, with testing, feedback or otherwise, 
which I'd definitely would appreciate!

I'll send a following heads-up to this list once I think the engine is 
stabilized again and reliable enough to upgrade again.

And as indicated, this WILL result in some breaking changes in how you use the 
Data() function and <assign> action.
I'll provide a comprehensive explanation and migration instructions once it is 
clear what and how exactly has or will be changed.

Kind regards,


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