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From "R.C. Hoekstra" <>
Subject Re: Re: [scxml] passing datamodel elements into method call
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2014 09:31:01 GMT
> Hi Rinke,
> I think you would get a node if you used DataNode function instead:
> <cs:var name="treatment1Name" expr="DataNode(treatmentData,'treatments/treatment[1]/name')"
> Could you try that?
> Regards, Woonsan

Hi Woonsan,

thanks for your answer. But are you sure about that?
If I use it like that, I get an "unknown, ambiguous or inaccessible method dataNode" error.

I found the dataNode method in Its javadoc says:

"Manifests within location attribute of <assign> element, for Commons JEXL and Commons
EL based documents."

So what I get from it, is that dataNode can only be used to assign something to a dataNode
via <assign>.

That is not what I want. I want to pass a dataNode including subElements to some java object
via the cond attribute, so I can write a java method which is able to check conditions with
use of the passed dataNode.

So: is there a way in which I can pass a dataNode to a java object in the context which is
used in a cond attribute? Data obviously doesn't work, as I can see in the Builtin code that
it always is parsed to Double or String.

best regards, Rinke

> On Thursday, October 2, 2014 3:53 AM, R.C. Hoekstra <>

> > Hi list, Hi people @ scxml commons,
> >
> > Can I pass datamodel nodes to a rootContext var, in order to process it in java?
> >
> > like this:
> > <target event="bla" cond="agent.check(datamodelNodeRef)" .../>,
> > where:
> > * agent is an object of a java class made available to the RootContext, having a
check method returning Boolean. I want this check method to evaluate the
> > datamodelNode, in order to return true or false depending on elements.
> > * datamodelNodeRef is a reference to some node in the datamodel.
> >
> > I managed to pass final nodes as string here, like this:
> >
> > <cs:var name="treatment1Name"  expr="Data(treatmentData,'treatments/treatment[1]/name')"
> > <transition ... cond="agent.check(treament1Name)"...
> >
> > where the treatments/treatment[1]/name is a final node.
> >
> >
> > However, I would like to pass non final nodes of the datamodel, but everything seems
to be evaluated as strings first, before it is passed into the method of the context
> > var.
> >
> > Hope you can give me a clue.
> >
> > And, if these kind of constructions are possible, how would they do in terms of
> >
> > thanks, Rinke

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