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From Noriyuki Torii <>
Subject Re: [pool] Validation code invoked on unexpected timing.
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2014 03:27:39 GMT
Hi, Phil.
Thanks for your response.

I opened a ticket for this issue as POOL-276.
In fact, I am a newbie of JIRA.  So if there are any mistakes on this
ticket, please let me know.


2014-09-04 10:35 GMT+09:00 Phil Steitz <>:
> On 9/3/14 9:27 AM, Noriyuki Torii wrote:
>> Hi, all.
>> I found BasePooledObjectFactory.validateObject() of commons-pool
>> sometimes called
>> on unexpected timing and I cannot identify the cause.
>> So I would like to ask some advice.
>> I've configured the pool so as to the validateObject() would be
>> invoked only on instance
>> creation, but sometimes it was invoked for "non-fresh" instance on borrowing.
>> I also attach small reproduction code below.
>> Can anyone tell it is because some lack of configurations, or, actual
>> pool's bug?
> Thanks for reporting this.  Looks like it could be a pool bug.  Do
> you mind opening a JIRA ticket for this?
> Phil

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