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From Hassan Schroeder <>
Subject Re: [fileupload] - Question about uploading additional files other than the ones in the form?
Date Sat, 06 Sep 2014 22:42:03 GMT
On Sat, Sep 6, 2014 at 2:59 PM, Konrad Zuse <> wrote:

> I understand the client-server relationship, but you seemed to say I could do what I
need to do from my browser

No. No. A thousand times, NO. You can't do what you want from
a standard web browser. Whatever you think you saw otherwise,

> I have probably not, do you have links by any chance?  I tried looking up the former,
but got a bunch of unsure pages.

?? The first hit from googling 'HTTP RFC' is this:
which is certainly a good place to start.

And for historical clarity, I'd start with
to understand HTML.

> Also I just thought of this, but are we saying that I can basically have an application
that is installed on their system that when I try to upload the main file, it will communicate
with my application client to upload the rest of the files, or do I have to do it all from
the application client itself?

You - *you* - will be writing an application that the user will interact
with to upload whatever it is you want to upload. The details of that
are entirely up to you.

But yes, to use that application, it probably has to be running :-)

Hassan Schroeder ------------------------
twitter: @hassan

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