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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: [OT] - Can anyone add me to the Shiro mailing list?
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2014 21:47:46 GMT
On 10/09/2014 22:33, Konrad Zuse wrote:
> I tried joining the Shiro mailing list a few weeks ago and I couldn't.  I replied to
this one exactly the same and got a confirmation.  Every time I tried to confirm with the
Shiro mailing list, nothing.
> After I subscribed to this one, I tried it again, and nothing.
> Apparently my shiro user posts from the forum are making it to the mailing list, but
I am not getting mail sent to this email.

Forum? Are you posting to user@shiro.a.o via some mechanism other than
e-mailing the list directly?

I've checked and you are subscribed to the allow list which means you
can post but you won't receive e-mail.

> I tried to send the mail to the correct subscription, I tried to confirm multiple times
through multiple channels, and nothing.

I wonder if the fact you are subscribed to the allow list means the
normal subscription fails.

> There was something for "contacting the owner" of the user-group, but I didn't get an
email either.

Without knowing which e-mail address you sent that to, I can't comment.

> Sorry to bother everyone, I just figured that someone on here might have access to it.

In this case, someone does but that is more luck than anything else.

Generally, the route to follow is:
- subscribe using the automated address
- if that doesn't work try again and make sure you send plain text email
- if that doesn't work contact the list owners (a.k.a moderators)
- if the moderators don't reply, contact the ASF infra team

I'm on the infra team so I can help you in this instance.

I've removed you from the user-allow list and subscribed you to the user
list. Enjoy the extra e-mail in your inbox :)


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