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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: [dbcp] How to create replication aware connection pool ?
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2014 08:15:15 GMT
On 06/08/2014 01:34, Parth Patil wrote:
> Hi Friends,
> I am using DBCP2 in my project and I am pleased with the performance of the
> library. Though I am only able to provide a single mysql host in the
> connection string. What do I need to do inorder to make the DBCP connection
> pool replication aware ?

Write some code :). DBCP 2 is not replication aware. There was an
enhancement request for this [1] but I resolved it as WONTFIX on the
bases that:
...generally, failover requires some form of database replication and
databases that provide that tend to provide JDBC drivers that support
failover as well.

> I am going to use 1 master and 2 slaves in my
> setup. Am I correct in assuming that its possible to create connection pool
> over several mysql hosts ?

No, you are not correct.

> I tried to use the replication aware mysql jdbc driver
> (com.mysql.jdbc.ReplicationDriver)

That is the correct way to do this.

> but that doesn't seem to work and I am
> getting an exception. Following is my test code


> Following is the exception that I am getting :
> [error] (run-main-0) java.lang.AbstractMethodError:
> com.mysql.jdbc.ReplicationConnection.isValid(I)Z


DBCP2 uses JDBC4 (Java 1.6) and that is a new method introduced in that

You can avoid the call to that method by setting a validation query for
your connection pool. For MySQL the following should work:
/* ping */ SELECT 1



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