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From "R.C. Hoekstra" <>
Subject [scxml] Re: our project setup: any tips specifically on performance/speed?
Date Fri, 30 May 2014 20:45:58 GMT
Hi Woonsan, Hi Ate, 

(sorry for the late response)

Woonsan wrote:

> If the estimate of the pure SCXML executions can possibly meet your requirements, then
I think
> the next thing to consider might be how to reduce IOs if you have to (de)serialize those
> In one of our projects, we initialize a root context and an executor every time before
> events. So, the SCXML definition is responsible for initializing itself (to move the
> current state) from the given root context (in script blocks). I think this pattern could
> help reduce the amount of (de)serialized data, and so reduce IO.

We haven't given the (de)serialization lots of attention yet. Of course, potentially it can
be quite heavy with a few 100.000 of instances, but I don't know yet what is exactly needed.

Your pattern sounds interesting, but can you please point out some link to that project, so
I can get the real picture clear? 

thanks for the response, 


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