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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: commons pool benchmark issue
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2013 04:04:14 GMT
On 9/29/13 7:35 PM, Daniel Wu wrote:
> Without the pool, it's lightning fast. JProfiler shows most of the time is consumed on
locking, thread dump also shows the pool always waits.
> I tried to timing the pool operations, the results proved the JProfiler reports
> e,g. with 50 threads, the log shows
> Average Response Time:0.06
> Average Borrow Time:0.04
> Average Return Time:0.02
> So, the time are consumed with StringBuilder and GC is negligible, most of the time are
wasted in pool locking.
> With 100 threads, the log shows
> Average Response Time:1.24
> Average Borrow Time:0.90
> Average Return Time:0.34
> The more threads try to content with the pool, the slower the pool is.
> I kind of believe CP is just slow.
What happens when you replace the append with a no-op?


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