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From Thomas Vandahl>
Subject [jcs] Re: JCS disk only and expiration config question
Date Wed, 25 Sep 2013 07:31:25 GMT
Hi JavaWebDev,

first of all, the usage of clear names of real persons would be very
much appreciated.

On 24.09.13 21:27, JavaWebDev wrote:
> First. The user and dev mailing lists haven't been active lately and the
> wiki seemed outdated in some sections. (ex: no longer a .commons
> package). Is JCS still being worked on? I chose it because it seems
> faster than ehcache and I need the disk cache to persist across servlet
> container restarts.

The latest commits were just four weeks ago. Currently, I'm maintaining
this alone. All contributions would be welcomed.

> Ideally I'd like to write cache to disk immediately in case the servlet
> crashes without being able to call dispose(). Should I set MaxObjects to
> 0 in the region definition of cache.ccf?

See the documentation of the purgatory at
If you set the size of the purgatory to 0 your performance will suffer
seriously. Mind you, JCS is a cache, no data store.

> I'd like the objects in disk cache to expire after 7 days. Which
> configuration parameter(s) do I need to change?

Expiry is handled by the memory cache. Empty spots in the disk cache
will be reused. If you want to clean up every now and then, you may want
to play with the configuration options OptimizeAtRemoveCount and

Bye, Thomas.

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