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From Timothy Mann <>
Subject [math] Large-Scale Optimization
Date Sun, 28 Jul 2013 14:22:29 GMT
Hi users,

Sorry for the long problem description.

I implemented a radial basis function network for non-linear
regression with adaptive centers and adaptive basis shapes (diagonal
covariance matrix) using the Levenberg-Marquardt solver
and the ModelFunction's
DerivativeStructure[] value(DerivativeStructure[] x)
function using the DerivativeStructure API so that the derivatives are
computed analytically.

For a reasonable sized network with 200 radial bases, the number of
parameters is

(200 /* # bases */ +1 /* bias */ +((dim /* center of 1 basis */ + dim
/* shape parameters of 1 basis */)*200))

where "dim" is the dimension of the input vectors. This results in a
few hundred free parameters. For small amounts of data, everything
works fine. But in problems with high-dimensional input, I sometimes
use tens of thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of training
samples. Unfortunately, with this much training data, I receive either
a Java Heap Error or a Garbage Collection Error (in the middle of

The main problem seems to be that the optimizer expects the
ModelFunction to return a vector evaluating all of the training
samples to compare with the Target instance passed in as
OptimizationData. For regular evaluation this isn't to much of a
problem, but the memory used by the DerivativeStructure instances
(spread out over a few hundred parameters times 10,000 evaluations) is

Is there any way to get the solver to evaluate the residuals/gradient

Thank you for the advice in advance.

-Timothy A. Mann

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