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From Leos Literak <>
Subject Re: [compress] create 7zip archive
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2013 11:46:35 GMT
Multi-volume - I have figured it out already :-(
I need to transfer 150+ MB files to our service provider and a transfer time is out of transaction
length. The provider accepts multivolume zip/7z as well, but there is no java / unix support
to chunk these archives. 7z format can be easily binary split, zip cannot.
Spec - I started to create an HTML page, so I can at least use links to jump between each
definition. Could you please contact me with Damjan him to verify my findings? I will post
the result, if it will be worth of.
> Od: "Stefan Bodewig" <>
> Komu: <>
> Datum: 06.06.2013 13:37
> Předmět: Re: [compress] create 7zip archive
On 2013-06-06, Leos Literak wrote:

> I understand Stephan. I am happy to see the first partial java
> implementation. The situation is bad - no java support, unix version
> lacks some features (multi volume support).

Well, I don't expect us to support everything either.  We don't support
multiple volumes in the zip package, for example.

> I have to maintain one proprietary implementation and I seek how to
> replace it. Well, at least I can study your reader, as I hate
> 7zFormat.txt. It is not formal and I have to guess what its author
> meant.

Kudos to Damjan who figured things out for us, but I recall him saying
something similar about the quality of "the spec".


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