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From Christopher BROWN <>
Subject [daemon] How to enable JMX using the Attach API when running a Java application as a service with Procrun
Date Fri, 17 May 2013 11:00:58 GMT

I've successfully set up a Java application using procrun (using
Oracle Java 6 u45, on Windows 7, 64-bit), and I'd like it to enable
the JMX Attach API, as described in:

When I run the application standalone, it just works (none of the
"" system properties are required), because of the
Attach API.  I could probably get things working using other
properties, such as other remote protocols using port numbers and so
on.  The advantage of the Attach API is that it's limited to the local
machine, so I don't need to worry about remote access.  So I'd like to
continue this approach, and get it working.

The Java process running as a service (as Local System, the default)
works fine.  But it's not visible to either "jps" or "jconsole".  I
*have* ensured that :
C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Temp\hsperfdata_USERNAME accessible to "Everyone" with "Full Control" when running as a
user.  Maybe it's because I need to locate the equivalent folder for
"Local System" ?  I'm not sure if it's that, or if it is, where to

The other possibility (but for which I can't find information to
explain it or resolve it) is the perhaps "java.exe" starts the Attach
API, and so it's short-circuited by calling directly into "jvm.dll"
(as procrun does).  Or maybe a CLASSPATH error to a specific
JDK-bundled JAR file?

Any ideas ?


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