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From Michael McCormick <>
Subject Matrix exponential?
Date Tue, 28 May 2013 18:18:35 GMT
Hi folks,

I'm looking at a few linear algebra libraries for a Java project.  I need to implement clustering
of a graph whose edge weights come from a matrix exponential.  I've noticed that, of the three
major math libraries I've found available in Java (JBLAS, Colt, Commons Math), only JBLAS
offers a matrix exponential function expm() similar to what is in Matlab. 

Unfortunately, JBLAS appears to be dormant and does not have Win64 support, which is going
to be a problem for 80% of users.

I'm curious why this hasn't been included yet in Commons Math, or whether there are plans
to include it any time soon.  Has anyone else found a portable solution, short of writing
the algorithm?  This project will involve control systems and a matrix exponential will be
an important part of the toolkit.


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