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From Gilles <>
Subject Re: math : optim package documentation
Date Mon, 20 May 2013 22:09:25 GMT

> I am, I am a seasonned java developper and I am developping some
> personal research project in DSP.
> I need to assess different optim methods for a familly of numerically
> differntiable functions in R^n.
> So far I implemented a few of them on my own (gradient descent,
> Newton, quasi-Newton).
> I just discovered that commons-maths 3.2 provide a framework for
> multivariables function. So I would be very happy to use the existing
> optim classes as is, and also, as a base for form own development.
> Unfortunately, neither the online dev guide, nor the the javadoc is
> sufficient to use, for instance GradientMultivariateOptimizer : it 
> has
> no specific javadoc for the key methods optimise and
> parseOptimisationData.
> Is there some documentation somewher to help me?

The developer's guide needs updating.

But in that page:
you can follow the link to the parent class's documentation
in order to find out all the parameters used by the class.

However, before you start writing code that rely on this API,
be sure to read that recent thread:
What is your opinion on the proposed change?


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