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From Barry Wey <>
Subject how to use commons feed parser
Date Thu, 18 Apr 2013 02:18:36 GMT
hi all,
        i'm so sorry to ask suck a stupid question about how to use feed parser. I've google
it, but can't find anything good for me.
        here are my questions:

        1) i have CDATA in my RSS feeds, how could i parse CDATA with this interfaces?
             i ONLY extended DefaultFeedParserListener but there's nothing i could use to
get CDATA. should i try another class? which one?  Maybe i should try MetaFeedParserListener
but i don't know if that would help. 

        2) how should i use Auto-Descovery-System and tell the differences between RSS &
ATOM feeds? 
	    i found FeedLocator class to get a FeedList, after that i could get a FeedReference,
but what should i do about this object? it only got limited method like isRelative() and toString().
what should i do for the next step?

         many thanks ahead.  
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