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From Mladen Turk <>
Subject Re: [daemon] JSVC re-exec requires execution with an absolute or relative path
Date Mon, 29 Apr 2013 04:42:56 GMT
On 04/28/2013 11:05 PM, John Boyer wrote:
> Hello:
> I'm trying to run jsvc on Ubuntu Linux (10.04.4). I'm getting a re-exec path error. I've
sunk a lot of hours into this. I'm beginning to think I should have used the Java Service
Wrapper Community Edition instead.
> Anyway, can anyone help me with this problem? Thank you for your time. John

Like the log says. Use either absolute or relative paths.
I presume you know what those concepts are.

Reason for that is security. Having just 'commons-daemon-1.0.15.jar' in the classpath
means it can come from anywhere in the PATH.
So use
-cp ./commons-daemon-1.0.15.jar:./api-monitor.jar
(That's relative path)
-cp `pwd`/commons-daemon-1.0.15.jar:`pwd`/api-monitor.jar
(That's absolute path)


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