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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject [configuration] Re: Multi tenant with dynamiccombinedconfiguration
Date Fri, 15 Mar 2013 20:44:11 GMT
Hi Mario,

this is a shared list, so please prefix the subject with the component 
this question is about (I have done this).

Am 14.03.2013 15:09, schrieb Mario Giammarco:
> Hello,
> I need a multitenant configuration. I have seen the example in your web site but
> I do not understand it fully because I do not know where it reads ${sys:id}
> Anyway I have the info of my current tenant in apache shiro getSubject() or,
> eventually I can put in a ThreadLocal. But how can dynamiccombinedconfiguration
> read from shiro/threadlocal?

DynamicCombinedConfiguration uses a pattern string to find the correct 
configuration. This string must conform to the syntax used for variable 
substitution. Documentation can be found in the user's guide under 
"Variable Interpolation" [1] and the following section "Customizing 

I assume you have to create a custom Lookup implementation which 
accesses your tenant data. The user guide has an example how a custom 
Lookup class is created. Then the pattern string has to use a prefix 
pointing to your Lookup implementation.



> Thanks,
> Mario
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