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From Jean-Marc Spaggiari <>
Subject JCS Lateral Cache
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2013 14:15:40 GMT

I have 3 questions about JCS Lateral Cache.

First, here is my usecase.

I have 3 servers running processes to agregate data. They sometime
need to get external information for this agregation, but this
extrenal request is slow. And they might need the same external
information, but not necessary.

The 3 servers are running the same application, and this external
information is already cached localy on each server using JCS.

Now, I would like those servers to share this information, because it
will be way faster for them to share that on a 1GB network than going
outside to get it.

My first question is: Can JCS to that? I think Lateral cache can do
it, but when I use it and I look at the cache statistics, I see only
one lateral with Get Count != 0. all others are 0. So I'm not sure if
it's really use.

My second question is, when I stop one of those servers, the 2 others
are constently showing errors in the logs until I bring the server
back ip. Is there a way to ask JCS to simply drop the socket and just
wait for the discover to add it back if required?

And my last question is, on one server, I have KeyMapSize = 26286. On
another one I have 22031 and on the last one I have 20679. Should they
not all have the same size since each put is supposed to go to the
other servers too?



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