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From Adam <>
Subject [daemon] Re: commons daemon weird behaviour
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2013 18:35:17 GMT
That certainly sounds strange. All I can offer is that I send and receive on a 
MulticastSocket (inherits from DatagramSocket), and it works for me in the same 

- Adam

Jan Šílený spoke on 02/25/2013 09:38 AM thusly:
> Dear mailing list,
> I have run into a strange behavior while using procrun to wrap my java
> application as a Windows service. This issue is linked to DatagramSocket,
> which is created and bound to local port inside the "service". So, what is
> going on: If I run the application as a service, the DatagramSocket stops
> receiving any datagrams after lets say five minutes of proper work. On the
> other hand, if I run my jar simply as a java application (via java -jar
> xxx.jar) everything works fine whole time without this issue. I have used
> tcpdump on the router which is source of these datagrams and the network
> traffic is correct, what more, I also used jpcap to see if these packets
> arrive on the local port and yes, they arrive. Next strange thing is, that
> if I send some datagram out trough this socket, it starts to work again,
> but only for lets say next five minutes, after this time, situation repeats
> and nothing else gets received from this time on, even though I see data
> arrived in the network dumps. There is probably everything fine in my code,
> I am trying to solve this for several days, so I have triple checked
> everything in my code.
> Important configurations of my service, machine and software versions are
> as follows:
> commons-daemon-1.0.13,
> OS Windows XP, firewall off.
> default JVM, which version is 1.7.0_13-b20
> memory pools and thread stack size are not set up - left blank,
> startup and shutdown mode are set to jvm.
> Well, I dont know if I described my problem in a good way, so if you need
> some other info about my configuration or even some test case, let me know,
> I can probably prepare it. I hope it will be some simple problem.
> Have a nice day and thanks for your time,
> Jan

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