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From Kim Ragna Mertens <>
Subject [digester] wildcard in plugin rules
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2013 11:59:39 GMT

I try to use digester to parse something like :


I have created a plugin for ptwebltl, containing the following rules :

pattern = ptwebltl

	 d.addObjectCreate(pattern+"/*/true", TRUE.class); // (1)
        d.addSetNext(pattern+"/*/true", addFormula);

        d.addObjectCreate(pattern + "/true", TRUE.class); //(2)
        d.addSetNext(pattern + "/true", addFormula);

	d.addObjectCreate(pattern + "/not", NOT.class);
	d.addSetNext(pattern + "/not", addFormula);

 now I am able to parse with the (2) block something like


but unfortunately the first rule block does not work, no rule is found
for the pattern ptwebltl/not/true

Is it possible to use wildcards  in pluginrules ?
If I write a rule like d.addObjectCreate("*/true", TRUE.class) I got the
warning that a rule is specified that matches a pattern possible outside
the plugin scope,
If I do not use plugins, the rule work for creating a TRUE - Object
whenever it is read in the xml file.

How do I achieve the simular behavior in the plugin ?


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