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From Thomas Vandahl>
Subject Re: JCS Lateral Cache
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2013 10:02:34 GMT
On 06.02.13 15:15, Jean-Marc Spaggiari wrote:
> My first question is: Can JCS to that? I think Lateral cache can do
> it, but when I use it and I look at the cache statistics, I see only
> one lateral with Get Count != 0. all others are 0. So I'm not sure if
> it's really use.

Yes, JCS can do that. It would be helpful to see your configuration.

> My second question is, when I stop one of those servers, the 2 others
> are constently showing errors in the logs until I bring the server
> back ip. Is there a way to ask JCS to simply drop the socket and just
> wait for the discover to add it back if required?

I'd recommend to try UDP discovery as described here:

> And my last question is, on one server, I have KeyMapSize = 26286. On
> another one I have 22031 and on the last one I have 20679. Should they
> not all have the same size since each put is supposed to go to the
> other servers too?

Again, I'd need to see the configuration to answer that.

Bye, Thomas.

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