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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [compress] Problem adding files with file names longer than 100 chars to tar-stream though LONGFILE_POSIX is enabled
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2013 05:17:21 GMT
On 2013-01-27, Rico Harnisch wrote:

> I tried to write the following two files to a TarArchiveOutputStream,
> I have the option LONGFILE_POSIX enabled. The two files listed are the
> only ones that should  be written to the output stream.

> /Desktop/Downloads/mplayer-checkout-2012-02-29/tests/ref/cyberia-c93/.svn/text-base/intro1.c93.md5.svn-base
> /Desktop/Downloads/mplayer-checkout-2012-02-29/tests/ref/tiertex-seq/.svn/text-base/Gameover.seq.md5.svn-base

> Normally, I would expect the archiver to handle file names longer than
> 100 chars if LONGFILE_POSIX is enabled, but I get the following error
> message

> request to write '117' bytes exceeds size in
> header of '0' bytes for entry

You've likely run into COMPRESS-203 [1] which has been fixed in svn
about a month ago.  The ./PaxHeaders.X entry holding your filename has
been truncated to 100 chars and now ends with a slash - which triggers
the bug.

Apart from building Compress yourself or using a snapshot release[2]
playing with the directory names in between might be an option (so the
100th char is not a slash).

We haven't discussed doing a new release, yet, but it is on my
short-term TODO list.



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