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From Jehova Witness <>
Subject [daemon] Problems with commons-daemon, The data area passed to a system call is too small.
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2012 20:03:56 GMT
I am using Commons Daemon procrun ( 32-bit) on Windows 7 64bit
(need to deliver a solution to customers that will work with 32bit and

Here is my install.bat file  ( Server.exe was formerly named prunsrv.exe )

.\Server.exe //IS//MyServiceName ^
   --Install=Server.exe ^
   --Startup=auto ^
   --DisplayName="MyServer" ^
   --Description="MyServer" ^
   --StartMode=jvm ^
Files\prod\Server-3.1.0\lib\*" ^ ^
   --StartPath="C:\Program Files\prod" ^
   --StartParams=start ^
   --StartMethod=start ^
   --StdOutput=auto ^
   --StdError=auto ^
   --StopMode=jvm ^
   --LogPath="C:\Program Files\prod\logs" ^
   --LogPrefix=sds.log ^
   --LogLevel=Debug ^

   --StdOutput="C:\Program Files\prod\logs\sds_stdout.log"  ^
   --StdError="c:\Program Files\prod\logs\sds_stderr.log" ^

With this I get "file not found"  could not start.

any ideas why this line, gives this problem?   I have a Server.exe in the
same directory.  I have also tried ./Server.exe and .\Server.exe

When I remove this line from above:
   --Install=Server.exe ^

I get another error message:

*The data area passed to a system call is too small.*

Ideally would like to resolve this problem in order to start the service.

This is my start.bat
.\Server.exe //ES//MyServiceName    <= as specified in the install service

Any help would be greatly appreciated, am at my wits end trying to get this
to work and have followed closely the examples I was able to find on the

There are no errors installing the service.  I get no errors in the logs
indicating the remedy to any solution.

I am using the 32bit procrun with a 32 bit JDK , I am pointing to
'java.dll' under my JRE in the installation script.


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