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From "Andreas Böttcher" <>
Subject [vfs] avoid growing temp dir
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2012 09:16:12 GMT
I have an issue with vfs and a growing temp dir. I already posted it on but
didnt get any answer yet.


"I have an issue with VFS. I developed a web application to paste a URL of a deploy package(zip
file) into a textarea. You can view deploy scripts and at the end deploy the application.
It runs on a tomcat on a small machine. The deploy packages are about 5-100 MB. My problem
now is, that the temp directory grows over time. VFS doesnt seem to delete the files from
the temp directory. I wrote a startup script for the tomcat, that cleans the vfs temp dir.
But that isnt very nice at all.

    Is there a way to remove them through VFS without closing the FileSystemManager?

    It seems the temp dir is a cache, but when a file changes it doesnt load it again from
the intranet.

I used to set

        ((DefaultFileSystemManager) VFS.getManager()).setFilesCache(new NullFilesCache());
        ((DefaultFileSystemManager) VFS.getManager()).setCacheStrategy(CacheStrategy.ON_CALL);

but it seems VFS doesnt treat the temp dir as cache. Do I unterstand something wrong?"


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